What Drives You?

It’s August, which means Mary Kay Seminar 2017 has officially come to a close. From launching a beauty industry first to making memories with the sales force, this year’s Seminar was a huge success! Independent beauty consultants from all over the country traveled to Dallas to experience the excitement that can be felt throughout the weeks of Seminar. As consultants made their way into the Expo, one of the first things they were able to participate in was the What Drives You? Mural. 

Sitting at over six feet tall, the mural showcased the iconic pink Cadillac and the Dallas skyline. The words “What drives you?” at the top invited sales force members to share the driving force behind their entrepreneurial spirit, passion and success. Women seized the opportunity to leave their mark on Seminar by writing what drives them and signing the mural. Thousands of signatures were collected over the course of Seminar, and consultants were able to take photos with their signatures for some great social media content to share across all of their platforms! Amazing stories of entrepreneurship and leadership were shared to inspire and encourage others. Here are a few examples of what drives independent beauty consultants every day:

                                                                                          "College tuition drives me to success!"

                                                                                          "Mary Kay with my daughters! #Generations"

                                                                                          "Endless opportunities! #MyMKLife"

                                                                                          "Paying for my wedding, financial freedom, creating and following my dreams"

                                                                                          "To help Spanish speaking women to have this opportunity in the USA and other countries"

                                                                                          "Financial freedom for me & my future hubby!"

                                                                                          "Knowing I have the power to change my family's future!"

                                                                                          "My nine daughters!"
These women are all driven by different reasons, but ultimately their passion for entrepreneurship guides their businesses towards success! Not only did the independent sales force have the opportunity to share their stories, their enthusiasm catapulted the mural across the globe! The What Drives You? Mural garnered international attention, and some of our other markets around the globe would like to replicate the concept! What drives you? We want to know! 

Today's blog post is by Paige Beavan, the Corporate Communications digital intern. Professionally, she is passionate about visual communication and digital experiences. Personally, she is passionate about Mexican food and shopping.

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