Think Pink! Suits For Shelters 2017


I have been looking through rose-colored glasses all summer. As a summer intern with Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability department, I have been eating, sleeping and breathing pink, and I love it.

While the company’s annual seminar is underway, Mary Kay and The Mary Kay Foundation are helping the independent sales force and the Dallas community focus on how they can give back. And it all started with the Think Pink Launch Party at Tootsie’s – a local boutique here in Dallas.

This isn’t my first time at the Think Pink: Launch Party, but it is my first time on the other side – as an employee, not a guest. I knew that putting together an event involves a lot of moving pieces and requires a lot of time and effort. But until I started working on it myself, I didn’t quite grasp the entire picture! My experience included helping coordinate all fundraising activities and the setting up and executing of the event’s program. To see a project from start to finish is so rewarding and even more so because I got to be part of the team responsible. It was also incredibly rewarding that my work helped raise over $11,000!

In addition to assisting with the Think Pink party, I was also able to work – and I am still working on the Suits for Shelters professional clothing drive. Suits for Shelters is a fantastic partnership between Mary Kay and Dallas area domestic violence shelters. Mary Kay invites the community to dig through their closets and find work attire they don’t use anymore. These donations are more than just a piece of clothing. To a survivor of domestic violence, these clothes can represent a fresh start, a way help rise above their situation and start over. I’m always overwhelmed by the gratitude from every organization we partner with.

You don’t have to be in Dallas to participate in this program. Visit and you can see a list of women’s shelters across the country supported by the Mary Kay Foundation. Dig through your closet and take your donations to a shelter in your area. 

Enjoy some photos from the event below!

Today's blog is by Emma Lunceford, the summer 2017 corporate social responsibility intern. She is blessed with the opportunity to work at Mary Kay for the summer in an area which she is passionate about.

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