Ally Burlingame

Sales Director/Independence, MO

When I was 14, I lived in a battered women's shelter. A "MK Lady" drove up in her Mary Kay career car to do makeovers for the women living there. She not only made them all beautiful, but she brought smiles to their faces. On top of that, she gave me samples! What she didn't know was that those samples lasted me through high school, & made me feel pretty, like I fit in. She left a life-long impression. Now, here I am, in my second Mary Kay career car in a year, leading women, and it's my turn to make an impact. #

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Barbara Serocki

Sales Director/Independence, MO

From memories with MK sisters to my professional fitting of my [Mary Kay team leader] red jacket in the attic of a restaurant at Seminar, my special Mary Kay moments are accumulating rapidly. My husband and I dreamed of adopting when I started Mary Kay, but instead, my husband's health desperately required he change jobs that resulted in far less money than we were used to. Rather than us adopting, we decided I'd help others adopt, and I began holding fundraisers and donating my profits. My business blossomed to a career car-driving team and my best moment: my son.

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Becky Taylor