National Small Business Week: 3 Ways to Support Entrepreneurship

For nearly 55 years now, entrepreneurship has been at the heart of our business.  Our founder, Mary Kay Ash, is one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time and we are proud to carry on her legacy.  During National Small Business Week, we celebrate our Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants who embrace entrepreneurship and build successful businesses with the support of our loyal Mary Kay brand lovers!

In 1963, the same year Mary Kay Ash opened the doors to a small Dallas storefront with a dream to provide women with an open-ended, unparalleled business opportunity, the Small Business Association dedicated a week to highlight the impact of outstanding entrepreneurs and small business owners. Here are three ways to celebrate and support National Small Business Week and the entrepreneurial spirit:

1. Share your why. Don’t let your story be a secret and take some time to share with everyone why you love to be an entrepreneur.

2. Give thanks.  Send a thank you note to your customers for their continued support of your small business.  

3. Encourage others.  Attend a networking event during National Small Business Week and exchange information with other small business owners to learn and grow from one another.  

For an iconic company with a mission to enrich women’s lives, nothing is more exciting than creating opportunity for women. Tell us how you are supporting and celebrating National Small Business Week!
Thank you