#MyMKLife Series: Jordan Twilley


What do farming and owning an independent Mary Kay business have in common?  You might think – not much!  To Mary Kay Independent Future Executive Senior Sales Director Jordan Twilley, working on a farm and being a Mary Kay entrepreneur are more similar than you may think. 

“The discipline, the hard work and the concepts behind farming are the same kind of concepts that go into my Mary Kay business,” said Jordan.  “I come from such a strong work ethic.  How to work hard.  How to work for what you want.  If I’m going to work for 40 hours a week for somebody, why wouldn’t I be willing to do that for myself?  Why wouldn’t I treat it with the exact same discipline?” 

With more than five decades of empowering women, no company has more experience with women’s entrepreneurship than Mary Kay.  Our founder, Mary Kay Ash, was one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time.  She paved the way for millions of women who have chosen freedom and flexibility. 

“For me, I’m all about short time hustling to have some play time,” said Jordan.  “My secret to success would be not giving up, but consistency and hard work will absolutely pay off if you just press in and really are on purpose about what you’re trying to do.” 

From farmers to race car drivers to doctors to teachers, the Mary Kay opportunity breathes life into an entrepreneurial spirit that’s a common thread among millions of women from all different backgrounds.  Working on a farm AND having a successful Mary Kay business, Jordan says she’s focused on growth and passing on what she has learned to the next Mary Kay entrepreneur. 

“What I’ve learned most - and what I’m most excited about right now - is having an even bigger 'why,' and my purpose unfolding more and more,” said Jordan.  “One decision really matters, one person really matters.  When I look at my unit and the girls I’m working with, what I see is a family.  I think that’s what sets us apart.”

We couldn’t agree more. 

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