"Wholeheartedly With Women" In Poland


Each year, we wait impatiently for May 12, the launch of Beauty that Counts®, the global campaign focused on giving back to our communities. This year, the countdown to May 12 for Mary Kay Poland was even more exciting! As part of Beauty that Counts® 2017, Mary Kay Poland launched a new campaign named Wholeheartedly with Women (or, in Polish, "Całym Sercem z Kobietami"), aimed at educating women about heart diseases and heart attack symptoms. 

Wholeheartedly With Women was created when we learned of shocking statistics revealing that heart disease is the main cause of death for women in Poland. Did you know heart attack symptoms are diagnosed in women (on average) 30 minutes later than in men? As a company founded by a woman and for women, we were absolutely convinced that fighting this disease is imperative. We stand wholeheartedly with women around the globe every day!

Our gorgeous heart-shaped limited-edition† Beauty That Counts® Mary Kay® Baked Cheek Powder made for a perfect fit with the new campaign. However, we knew we couldn't fight heart disease alone! We turned our attention to choosing the perfect partner for Wholeheartedly With Women. Mary Kay Poland was determined to work with another foundation that not only supports women, but also cares specifically for their hearts. We chose the Zbigniew Religa Foundation for the Development of Cardiac Surgery, established by the famous cardiac surgeon who performed the first successful heart transplant in Poland and whose life was shown in a full-length movie named "Gods!" We had the privilege of working directly with his son, Grzegorz Religa (photographed below). Dr. Religa created all of the educational materials for the campaign.

As part of the campaign, we shot a special video to resonate with women around the country. Although it's in Polish, you can get the idea of our messaging and themes! Through social media, our campaign was able to reach more than a million people, hopefully saving the lives of women around the world! We also launched a special website for the campaign, a comprehensive resource bank about the human heart, including ways to keep your heart healthy. It's been so encouraging to see the public's response to both Wholeheartedly With Women and the increased attention on heart health. Our press conference that kicked off Wholeheartedly With Women was attended by members of women's and specialized press, who are now helping us educate women about heart disease and heart attack symptoms (see an example of one of their articles below!). Through this campaign, we will continue to fight heart disease and enrich the lives of women for generations to come.
Caring for one another and our communities is truly part of Mary Kay Poland's fabric, and we aim every day to follow Mary Kay Ash's example. Helping people truly is beautiful!

Today's blog is by Natalia Zgorzelska, Marketing Communication Generalist for Mary Kay Poland. Natalia has been working in the marketing department of Mary Kay Poland for more than four years. In her everyday work, she is responsible for creating the media relations and making journalists fall in love with Mary Kay products. She also takes care of the brand image in social media channels. After finishing her duties, she starts another full-time job– a mom of three wonderful and lively girls. In her free time, she enjoys boxing, which she considers one of the most beautiful sports in the world!

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